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Walled City Brewery, Beer Masterclass experience, Derry_Londonderry - Embrace a Giant Spir


We are the Walled City Brewery, a small gastropub located at the heart of Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland. We pride ourselves on providing a uniquely local experience to all of our guests, from our one of a kind craft beer, to our bold yet delicious menu, each and every experience shows what our little town truly has to offer.

We offer three different options

Our Kitchen is a multi-award (23 in total) winning restaurant serving beautiful locally sourced food by Michelin Star trained Head Chef Chris "Tufty" Moran

Our Taproom opened in 2022 and houses our full-scale production brewery plus a bar open selected days of the week

Our Experiences are housed in the new Taproom and allow range from the original Homebrew Academy to the totally unique Earhart Gin School. 

Craft Beers

Don't like beer? Good. 
We accept your challenge to serve you with a great beer which you will love!'

'The beer is made with a strong identity to the city and our wonderful people. Breaking the city's corporate monopoly on the selection of drinks, we strive to provide fresh, unfiltered beer, brewed right on site in the Taproom!

From Grain to Glass, our beer is hand crafted by our in house brewers James (an ex-brewer of Guinness) and Josh (an unemployed archaeologist). 

From our opening in May 2015 we have created and developed over 500 different varieties of beers, each named after an aspect of the which is easily recognisable to our locals and tourists! There is beer for Lager Lovers, Super Stouts, Fruity Frank's to Sour Sam's there's a beer here for anyone. 


"A Family at Heart"

James & Louise Huey opened the Walled City Brewery in May 2015.

We are a family company - James's sisters Jill was the original executive chef & Yvonne is the architect & interior designer! Plus Sylvia (retired staff nurse) cleans all the tea towels, and Stan (retired teacher) puts up our awards!

James is a qualified diploma brewer having spent 12 years brewing with the largest beer company on the island.

Enjoy your visit to the Walled City Brewery, it is our families pride & joy, and we hope it will be yours too!

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We have a completely revamped interior designed to enhance your dining experience at every opportunity, our new Restaurant Manager Catherine (returned from New Zealand!), and our Supervisor Amanda,  are here to ensure you have a great time at our venue!

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Walled City Brewery, Beer Masterclass experience, Derry_Londonderry - Embrace a Giant Spir


The Walled City Brewery hosts a number of totally unique food & drink experiences. From our day long Homebrew Academy, across our award winning Beer Masterclass to out totally unique Earhart Gin School, we have something for everyone!

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