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Beer Masterclass

Treat your senses to our Beer Masterclass. Hear the history of beer, from 9000 BC to Ancient Rome, from Prohibition to the 21st Smell the grassy hops and caramelly malt that goes into this brewhouse’s concoctions. Feel the raw ingredients as you make your own mini beer. And taste about 10 different samples – from a 3000-year-old recipe from Mesopotamia (which, brewer James Huey fully admits, tastes “like nail polish remover”), to creamy Foyster oyster stout and the topical, tongue-in-cheek Beerexit sour beer.

There’s plenty of craic and laughter along the way, plus paired artisanal bites such as spent grain lavash crackers with house hummus, which complement the beers and reflect the our passion for local produce.

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