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Unleash Your Inner Distiller at Earhart Gin School: An Unforgettable Gin Experience in Derry/Londonderry

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a distiller and crafting your very own gin? At our Taproom in Ebrington Square, Earhart Gin School offers you the unique opportunity to do just that. With your own miniature copper still, a wide array of botanicals to choose from, and expert guidance from our distillery team, you'll embark on an unforgettable gin making experience and NI experience.


1. Starting with a Signature: Earhart Gin & Tonic

Upon arrival at the gin school, we'll welcome you with our signature Earhart Gin & Tonic as you relax and settle in. We'll kick off the gin experience with a brief introduction to the fascinating origins and history of gin, setting the stage for your own gin making adventure.


3. Your First Distillation: The Birth of Your Gin

Once you've finalised your gin recipe, it's time to weigh out your chosen botanicals and begin the distillation process. As your gin comes to life, you'll have the chance to relax and soak in the incredible stories about the origins of gin and cocktails, all while sipping on expertly crafted concoctions prepared by our master mixologist in the Taproom. Be sure to check more information about our Taproom:  


2. Guided by Experts: Crafting Your Bespoke Bottle of Gin

Our skilled distillery team will guide you through every step of the gin making process, ensuring you have all the knowledge and tools you need to craft your ideal gin. You'll learn about the distillation process and how to choose and balance your botanicals for a harmonious flavour profile

Don't worry if you're new to gin making; our experts are there to support you throughout the entire experience. With their guidance, you'll confidently create a gin that's as unique as you are.


4. The Finale: Perfecting and Personalising Your Gin

As the gin school session comes to a close, you'll collect your distillate and trim it down to the ideal alcohol level (approximately 40-45%). Then, it's time to name, label, and apply a beautiful wax seal to your bespoke bottle of gin. With your personalised creation in hand, you'll leave Earhart Gin School with a newfound appreciation for the art of gin making and an unforgettable experience to share with friends and family. Want to know more about our merch? Check out our online store to browse our stock:


Why Choose Earhart Gin School: An Unbeatable Gin Making Experience in Derry/Londonderry


Whether you're a gin connoisseur or a curious newcomer, Earhart Gin School offers a fun and engaging gin making class that's perfect for anyone looking to explore the world of distillery. With expert guidance, interactive learning, and the chance to create your very own gin, our gin masterclass is a must-try experience in Derry/Londonderry.

So, what are you waiting for? Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to create your own gin, learn about its intriguing history, and have a blast with fellow gin enthusiasts at Earhart Gin School. Join us in Derry/Londonderry for an unforgettable gin making experience that you'll cherish for years to come. Book your spot now, and let's raise a glass to your gin-making journey! Cheers!

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