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Earhart Gin School

Ever wanted to try your hand at being a distiller and creating your very own gin? Based at our Taproom in Ebrington Square, the Gin School will allow you to do just that. You will have your own miniature copper still and an array of botanicals to choose from, alongside expert tuition from our very own distillery team to help you craft your ultimate gin!

You can even bring along your own botanicals that you may have foraged, to put that extra special personal touch to your creations.

At the end of your session you will have distilled, blended, bottled, sealed and labelled your very own bottles of gin to take away with you.


As part of our Love Legenderry month, we are hosting a special "Let Love Be-Gin" Gin School for couples on 18th & 19th February. The perfect valentines present!


1. Take-Off

On arrival, you will receive our signature Earhart Gin & Tonic as we relax and have a brief introduction to the extraordinary origins and history of gin. We'll then guide your through the creation of your bespoke bottle of gin!


3. Distillation

Once you have finalised your recipe, you will weigh out the botanicals and begin your very first distillation. . . .at this stage you can now relax and we'll tell some incredible stories about the origin of gin and cocktails - all whilst sipping on the products themselves blended by our master mixologist in the Taproom.


2. Choose your botanicals

As we introduce and explain the distillation process, we'll ask you to begin choosing your botanicals for your gin recipe. Don't worry we will guide you through the entire process to ensure that the flavours compliment each other to produce the best possible finished product!


4. Landing

As we come to the finale of the gin school you will collect your distillate and trim it down to the correct alcohol level (approx 40-45%)

Finally, you will name and label it, then perform a beautiful wax seal on the bottle 

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