Our Story


5th October 1996. Tentative ceasefires and a city aching from the Troubles. James begins a journey from Derry-Londonderry to Dublin.

“He won’t return” they say.

28th August 2002 in a nightclub in Dublin. James meets Louise. A kiss on a step on Adelaide Road. Louise travels the world for 12 months. She returns to Ireland wiser, yet back into the arms of James…now brewing in St James’s Gate

Boyfriend and girlfriend, relishing the “Celtic Tiger”, talking about the future and listening to Snow Patrol.

“They’re getting serious” they say

A proposal on that step in Adelaide Road, followed by a raucous night in Dublin. Then a wedding in 2009.

The One Show 2010: “The City of Culture for 2013 has been awarded to Derry-Londonderry!!”.

“Could we move to Derry?” asks Louise. “Lets do it” James replies. Tearful goodbyes to family and friend in Dublin. A big move, but 1996 is long gone.

“Careful of the culture shock” they say

Lola-Jean is born in 2013 and the City of Culture is embraced. A city reborn. A tiny window opens that only happens once in a lifetime.

“What next? Follow your passions!” they say

4th January 2014. 3 passions. Craft Beer, Incredible Food & Derry-Londonderry.

“Careful now!” they say

15th May 2015. A brewery. A restaurant. An experience. A life changing adventure.

Welcome to the Walled City Brewery