Our Beers

The Walled City Brewery make uniquely local, premium quality, fabulously flavoursome craft beers in small artisan batches, using recipes that Masterbrewer James has been painstakingly perfecting over the last 12 years.

walled city brewery taps derry ~ londonderry
Walled city brewery pale ale


Our first beer is an entirely new category of beer in our craft beers - a DPA - or Derry Pale Ale. We have always done things differently in the North West, so why stop a good thing!
The beer is called Boom. Like any work of art you can interpret the name whatever way means most to you! Boom is an exciting new craft beer with a fusion of cascade and amarillo hops inspiring tropical and citrus flavours that are wonderfully balanced.


Stitch is the second in The Walled City Brewery series of craft beers in derry ~ Londonderry, inspired by the city's extraordinary shirt-factory history.
This craft beer is a celebration of the mighty hop. Multiple varieties are used in this ale, at several different points in the brewing process. With emphasis on late hop & dry hop additions, we serve up tropical fruit and citrus flavours & aromas on a bed of pale and Munich malt.

Walled city Brewery Derry ~ Londonderry
Walled City Brewery Derry ~ Londonderry


Kicks is the third in The Walled City Brewery craft beer series, inspired by the greatest band ever to come out of Derry - The Undertones!
Our crystal clear Sperrin water has the perfect mineral content for this crisp, refreshing pilsner. The wonderful malty sweetness is delicately balanced with a subtle addition of noble and new world hops.